The rules on these servers are fairly simple and straightforward and are listed below.

Server rules:

  • Feel free to explore, mine, and build freely on any unclaimed land.
  • Feel free to build creatively, but do not construct offensive builds.
  • To protect your builds, claim your land.
  • Feel free to chat, but do not harass, spam, use hate-speech, encourage real-life violence or post links to illegal content.
  • Game cheats and exploits are not allowed.
  • Bots are allowed as long as they are not malicious or disruptive.
  • This server has PvP enabled. Please PvP responsibly.
  • Logging out during combat results in death.
  • Need help or have a problem? Feel free to ask.
  • Children are discouraged from joining. We’ve found that they have a hard time understanding the game mechanics and more often than not don’t fit well within our community.

The way we enforce our rules can vary based on the situation, but the general steps that we take are:

  1. Asking you nicely to change your behavior
  2. Asking you less nicely to change your behavior
  3. Muting or limiting your ability participate in chat.
  4. Removing or restricting your game privileges.
  5. Temporarily or permanently banning you from the server or related services.
  6. We may report especially serious offenders to third parties for additional enforcement action.