The Hard Block Life is a hard-mode Minecraft server that stays close to vanilla while still providing some great features to help you make the most of your time playing. This help guide will help you get familiar with the server quickly and keep you on your feet. But, even though you read this, you’re still probably going to die — get over it.

Short answers

If you want to learn more, you can use the /help command at any point while in the game. You can even use /help $thing to get more information on a plugin or command. Try it out and learn about all the things!

Long Answers

This guide is broken up into several sections to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

Other Frequently-Asked-Questions

Q) When will you update to the newest Minecraft version?

A) This server runs a modded Minecraft version with a collection of plugins that create the game experience that you know and love. In order to make sure the game remains as stable as possible, updates may be held back for a short period of time to ensure that things remain as stable as possible. Although not every bug can be avoided, a large number of them can be avoided by delaying updates for a short period of time, which is usually only a couple of days.

Q) It seems like things change periodically. How can I keep up with the changes?

A) Keep an eye on the blog, or subscribe via email or your favorite RSS client.

Q) I have a suggestion. Where can I submit it?

A) Please submit suggestions and requests to the community subreddit so that we can all discuss your suggestion.

Q) What makes this server different? Why should I play here instead of $X’s server?

A) First and foremost, this is a server run by adults, for teenagers and adults with a healthy sense of maturity, imagination, and cooperative community. Our players are largely mature, friendly, responsible players. Immature players, or those seeking to just cause headaches and heartburn for the community, are not welcome here. Secondly, anyone (even kids) can start and run their own Minecraft server, but that doesn’t mean that they have the know-how or experience to deal with issues that arise, such as software issues and updates, world issues, player problems, and handling data responsibly (which includes backups!). Players can expect that we will make reasonable efforts to safeguard their player data and builds, and while they occasional issue may arise, we are willing to work with you (within reason) to get it resolved. We have even provided players downloads of old maps and schematic data of their own builds on request.

Q) Can I apply to be a builder?

A) Unlike some other servers, we allow players the open creativity to build almost anything, almost anywhere, right from the start. You don’t need any special permissions or roles to get started.

Q) Can I apply for staff?

A) We choose staff carefully based on their knowledge of game mechanics and their interactions with other players. We don’t accept applications directly; rather, we will reach out to you if we are interested in having you as a staff person.

Q) Can I be a developer? Can I make a plugin for you?

A) We currently only utilize plugins available from community sources such as and which fit our quality standards and are in line with the gameplay style of this server. We’re not currently accepting direct solicitations for custom plugins or other code. If you would like to contribute, we recommend that you write and publish a plugin to one of those community sites.

Q) I am staff at some site / a YouTube reviewer, and I need something. Will you give it to me? 

A) Before considering your request, we need to positively identify who you claim to be, and we will be unable to comply with your request until we’ve done so. Please contact the server admin directly for more information.

Q) Can I put this server on a Minecraft server list?

A) It’s important to make sure that server lists stay up to date with the correct settings, descriptions, and any other changes that take place on this server. For that reason, server list additions and changes are only handled by the server administrator. If you have a server list that you would like us to submit to, please let us know. If you’re the owner of a server list and wanting to verify that an addition was authorized, please reach out to us.

Q) I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who can I ask?

A) Please ask one of our players either in-game or via Discord. We’ll do our best to answer your question.