Gameplay mechanics and anti-cheat

One of the key points around The Hard Block Life is an emphasis on fair play, which is especially important when players can do damage to each other. Making sure that players aren’t unfairly dealing damage to or evading damage from other players is essential to keeping gameplay fun and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the vanilla gameplay mechanics leave a lot to be desired in terms of making sure that clients adhere to movement and gameplay mechanics, and it’s essential that any Minecraft server which allows PvP between players maintain a good third-party anti-cheat system to mitigate players who attempt to sidestep normal gameplay mechanics for an in-game advantage, as the system currently in place in the game is extremely minimal.

Because of the reliance on a third-party anti-cheat plugin, there’s a reliance on the third-party to develop an anti-cheat around gameplay mechanics which sometimes change from version to version, and these plugins often rely on other plugins to function correctly. They also rely on those third-party developers targeting the current version of Minecraft with their development and testing, which is not always the case. At least one anti-cheat plugin developer builds their anti-cheat plugin based off of older Minecraft versions and then patches their code for the current version. This is not ideal, as it can lead to a situation where assumptions are made about gameplay mechanics which turn out to be untrue or inexact, leading to new gameplay issues as a result of the anti-cheat.

The constantly evolving landscape of Minecraft (no pun intended) and the reliance on third-party anti-cheat plugins has lead me to the decision to disable PvP to reduce the necessity of relying on a third-party system to mitigate PvP cheating. This will address a number of movement-related bugs and issues that folks have seen as a result of anti-cheat plugins, and hopefully provide a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

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