Announcing 1.12-pre6

Today The Hard Block Life has been updated to 1.12-pre6. Although this is a prerelease, we’re pretty confident that the bits are mostly working as intended and things are going to go pretty well. In the event that some bits aren’t in their proper places, the server is still set to perform updates every night, so check back regularly for more of your favorite automatic bug squashing updates.

What to expect: 

Things are going to mostly run as they have been, with the exception of the following changes for compatibility:

  • PvP has been disabled.
  • McMMO has been disabled

Also, there may be bugs. If you find anything, please report it on our issue tracker, here.

How do I join?

You’ll need to enable snapshots in your game client and set up a version for 1.12-pre6. See this page for the steps.

How come I can’t craft some things?

In the name of adventure, doLimitedCrafting has been enabled. This means that you’ll need to unlock crafting recipes before you can craft that item. Alternatively, you can buy specific items from the shop. You can find out the criteria to unlock items on this page.


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